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Sustainable Forests

Management of forests for sustainable timber production provides additional benefits. Removal of the mature trees for conversion to durable timber products, such as rafters, doors and window frames, results in the carbon being tied up in the fabric of buildings for many decades, perhaps even centuries. Meanwhile the trees harvested will be replaced through replanting and natural regeneration to absorb more carbon.

Forests also support communities and indigenous peoples. Therefore, their sustainable management provides wider social benefits and amenity value as well as economic benefits for local communities. It goes without saying that sustainable forest management helps protect biodiversity and important habitats for endangered species, such as the Siberian Tiger.

Certification schemes (such as FSC and PEFC) give assurance that the timber products purchased are sourced from sustainable forests. For further information about timber certification schemes click here.  As certification can take time to implement in the forest, a number of step-wise legality verification schemes and programmes have emerged to support suppliers in their efforts to improve forestry and procurement practices, for further information click here.