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The TTF NewsWise is our members-only news bulletin.  Each NewsWise gives members a more detailed briefing on those issues currently making the news or about which they need to know more. NewsWise comes in three versions covering either a general, technical or environmental theme. 

NewsWise is stored in chronological order by theme. Scroll down to view all or click on General, Technical or Environmental to go straight to that theme. In all cases, click on the title to download.


Industrial Emissions Directive Informative Sep 2013

GSP Status Changes - 1 Jan 2014

New Chain of Custody Services

The TTF is delighted to announce a new service for its members. We have choosen Ligna to partner this initative.

Credit Insurance

CIFS  has introduced First Limit, a unique systemdriven service that empowers CIFS policyholders to obtain an instant green light on requests to trade with new customers under the discretionary limit of their policy.

Using INCO Terms 2010

Guidance on how to use the new terms with the current TTF Contract Forms. 

National Minimum Wage

The Government has announced new National Minimum Wage rates. 

Budget 2011

A commentary on the 2011 Budget is available by clicking here.

Sale of England's Forests

A consultation has now been published proposing the sale of England's public forest estate.  This NewsWise provides a brief summary of the main points and a link to the consultation documents.

New EU Entry Summary Declarations for Cargo 08/12/10

From 1 January 2011, it will be mandatory for cargo carriers to provide customs authorities with new advance electronic information, by way of entry summary declaration (ENS), for goods being brought into the customs territory of the EU.

Agreement on Russian wood export duties

The EU and Russia have finalised a deal on Russian export duties on roundwood as part of tariff negotiations for raw materials

Equality Act 2010

TTF members can get all the latest information from Citation Plc on the new Equality Act 2010.

Timber Market Information 20/10/10

ImageTimber Market information from two international timber conferences.

Web Advertising Oct 10

Timber Frame and Fire 4/10/10

UK Construction Magazine 18/08/10

Safe Stacking of Panels and Boards 14/07/10

Over the last seven years there have reportedly been at least three fatalities caused by falling boards.

2010 Budget Newswise

Read the TTF's view of Alistair Darling's 2010 Budget

Pre Budget Report December 2009

The key highlights of today's Pre Budget Report

Carbon Reduction Commitment - 4/09/09

Qualification Packs for members with Half-Hourly Meters (HHMs) will shortly be sent out by Government as part of the Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme. The total annual energy consumption measured by HHMs will determine the level of participation in the scheme. Members without HHMs are exempt.

Afrormosia DRC ban maintained - 17/07/09

Afrormosia DRC ban maintainedThe EU import ban on Afrormosia originating in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been maintained by the EU’s Scientific Review Group, while at the same time the ban on imports from Congo Brazzaville has been relieved.

EU gives notice on okoume plywood duty - 19/05/09

The European Commission has given notice that, unless a review is initiated, anti dumping measures will expire on 13 November 2009.

Budget 2009 - 23/04/09

John White takes a look at how what the Budget means to the wood industry.

Minimise credit cover risk - 03/09

The TTF has been lobbying to get Government assistance for companies affected by pulled credit cover.

Chinese Raise Export Tax Rebate - 19/11/08

The Chinese Government this week raised the export tax rebate for a raft of goods including plywood, OSB and other processed timber products.

Pre-Budget Report Summary 2008 - 24/11/08

John White takes a look at Chancellor Darling's 2008 Pre-Budget report.



Greenheart Strength Stays!

As a result of pressure from TTF and it's Members, Greenheart from Guyana was kept assigned to Strength Class D70 

CE2+ Plywood Still not Enough!

This Newswise looks at what is required to claim Structural Plywood.

Newswise Tile batten 14 01 2011

Only battens which have been fully graded by the manufacturer according to the full requirements of Annex C of the Standard (which covers knot size, frequency, distortion, slope of grain etc) can be marked BS.5534, signifying compliance with the Standard.

US Passes Formaldehyde Bill 28/06/10

The U.S. House of Representatives voted to adopt the Senate Bill which is set to control emission levels of formaldehyde for composite wood products sold or manufactured in the whole of the USA by 1 January 2013.

Plywood Customs Tool Launched 29/04/10

The TTF has launched an easy to use online tool intended to help importers select the appropriate Code for their Plywood products when making customs declarations.

Trussed Rafters Revised 22/04/10

The Harmonised European Standard for Trussed Rafters EN 14250 which defines product requirements for prefabricated structural members assembled with punched metal plate fasteners has been completely revised.

REACH for Chemical Users 15/10/09

Further information on the new REACH regulations have been circulating specifically targeted at downstream users of chemical substances.

French ask for Formaldehyde Occupational Exposure Levels - 21/08/09

A French Health and Environment Agency has called for action on the risks linked with the use of formaldehyde in the workplace. Read all the details by clicking above.

Structural CE Marking Extended - 27/07/09

Compulsory CE marking of structural timber according to the European Harmonised standard EN 14081-1 has sensationally been extended for a further three years.

TTF Guides make timber standards easy! - 24/04/09

Three new TTF Guides published by the TTF will make it easy to pick out the most relevant British and European standards that apply to your type of product.

Emerald Ash Borer - 2/03/09

New EU plant health import controls have been issued from 1st April 2009 to guard against the threat from the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), an exotic pest that causes damage to ash trees.

California Controls Formaldehyde - 4/02/09

From 1 January 2009, composite wood panels containing formaldehyde are covered under the state of California’s new Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM) regulation.

Customs duty rates for wood and wood products - 8/01/09

Each year HM Revenue & Customs issue a two-volume text called “Customs Nomenclature” which sets out import information on Chapter 44 for UK importers and agents.

Indonesia GSP Status - 18/12/08

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) will consider claims to GSP on eligible timber-based products which are exported from Indonesia on or after 6 August 2008.

Pine Wood Nematode - 1/12/08

There is currently great concern about the spread of Pine Wood Nematode (PWN) in Portugal and there is pressure for action to be taken across the European Union in order to protect forests in the rest of Europe from these tree killing pests.

BS 2482 Scaffold Boards - 27/11/09

The British Standard which specifies requirements for softwood scaffold boards has been fully revised. It will supersede BS 2482:1981, which is to be withdrawn.

REACH - 6/11/08

The EU’s regulation for the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals (REACH) lays down obligations which apply to the import and manufacture of chemicals. 




A report is now available on the TTF website that summarises the links between the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) agenda and the UK timber trade’s current strategy and action plan.

Innovation and Growth Team Report

The recent Innovation and Growth Team report highlights the challenges the construction sector face in moving towards a low carbon economy. One specific challenge for all construction materials is the need to provide more detail on embodied carbon- something the timber industry is well placed to address.

Joinery Resource Efficiency Action Plan

The publication of the JREP, chaired by BWF, with recommendations of how to reduce waste in the joinery sector through better working with the supply chain, including reviewing section sizes supplied.  

Latvia National Forest FSC Status Suspended

Latvian State Forest authorities have been issued with a suspension notification by the FSC.

Landfill Ban Consultation 25/3/10

Details the recently launched consultation on the proposed ban on timber and other selected biodegradable waste from landfill.

Packaging Waste Consultation 16/3/10

Details the recently launched Defra consultation on proposed revisions to the recovery and recycling targets of the Packaging Waste Regulations.

Chain of Custody & Responsible Purchasing Policy Workshop

Highlights the half-day interactive Workshop on CoC and RPP for members taking place on May 12th in London.

New Draft Country Guidance Issued 26/1/10

Highlights the four new draft Country Guides on Cameroon, France, Germany and the USA being circulated for members' comments.

Due Diligence Update Jan 2010

Outlines the latest developments with the proposed EU Due Diligence Regulation, following the December meeting of the Agricultural Council.

The Last Roadshow: Brazil Oct 09

Highlights the last roadshow funded by the Department for International Development to raise awareness of changing market requirements in the EU and learn about initiatives that the Brazilian authorities and trade are undertaking.

RPP Survey 2009 - 17/11/09

Highlights the 2009 members' survey requesting feedback as part of the TTF's on-going programme to ensure the RPP is an efficient and cost-effective tool to deliver environmental due diligence.

CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme - 11/11/09

Highlights the recently published CRC guidance on the Environment Agency website and details the charges for affected companies.

RPP Online Training - 28/10/09

This Newswise highlights the new interactive RPP Online Training package which takes members through the RPP forms and risk rating processes step by step.

 Waste Reduction Initiatives - 13/10/09

Highlights current projects under way to reduce wood and packaging waste.

FSC Controlled Wood Survey - 12/10/09

The TTF is conducting a survey of members who are currently certified to the FSC Controlled Wood Standard to find out the effect that revisions to the Standard have had on the UK timber industry. 

Draft Country Guidance Issued - 05/09

The TTF has issued draft Country Guidance for the risk rating of timber products from Brazil, China, Ghana, Indonesia, Malaysia and Russia to help members fulfil their Responsible Purchasing Policy commitments.

Congo Afrormosia Banned - 16/03/09

The import into the EU of Afrormosia (Pericopsis elata) originating in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been ‘banned’ by the EU’s Scientific Review Group.

Lacey Act Update - 02/09

The Lacey Act has passed into law in the United States making it an offence to possess or trade in illegal timber.

CITES Charges - 17/12/08

From 6 April 2009, charges for obtaining DEFRA licenses to import CITES Appendix II species will be increased.