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TTF Guides

Here you will find a series of TTF Guides specially created to inform members on a range of topics from Technical issues such as standards and grading to Environmental matters and RPP.



CE Marking Guidance for Distributors, Importers & Manufacturers

The Construction Products Regulation is coming into force from 1st July 2013. It is not anticipated that the CPR will cause major disruption to the supply of wood products as manufacturers have been working towards these changes for a number of years. However, alongside manufacturers responsibilities, importers and distributors will also have a responsibility to ensure the required information is passed along the supply chain.

Guide to Draft EN 14080 Glue Laminated Timber January 2010

This TTF Guide covers the proposed new amendments to the European Standard for Glue Laminated Timber performance requirements EN 14080 which is currently at a draft for public comment stage and will replace the 2005 version and merges together previous European Glulam standards. 

TTF Guide to BS5534 Tile Batten Changes 2010

The rules for the grading of Tile Battens are contained in BS.5534:2003+A1:2010 Code of Practice for slating and tiling (including shingles). This TTF Guide provides an explanation of the relevant changes in the recent amendment A1:2010.

TTF Guide INCO Terms 2010

On January 1st 2011 the ICC Incoterms 2010 became effective and updated and modified the 2000 Edition to take into account developments in International trading practices over the past ten years. It should be remembered however that the Rules do not provide a complete contract of sale and matters such as price, transfer of title and consequences of contractual breach are to be addressed separately, as is the case with the TTF NORSOF and PANPRO contract forms both of which currently incorporate the 2000 Edition of Incoterms.

Draft EN 636 Plywood Specifications

This TTF Guide covers the proposed new amendments by the CEN/TC112 Technical committee to the European Standard
for Plywood Specifications EN 636 which are currently at a draft for public comment stage and will replace the 2003

Graded Timber - Basics
This provides a basic guide to the different types of strength and apearance graded timber.
Guide to Constructional Plywood & OSB

This TTF Guide provides information on the different types of constructional plywood and OSB available and what to look for when specifying them.

TTF Guides to Timber Standards - Made Easy!

It is often difficult to know exactly what the most relevant British and European standards that apply to your products are. Therefore, TTF has created a series of three timber standards guides for the main commodity types (Softwood, Hardwood, and Panel Products) together with background information to explain exactly what standards are, why they were created, what harmonised European Standards and CE marking are and how they are relevant. Click here to download the documents.

This guide covers the proposed new amendments (November 2010) by the European Technical Committee to the European Standard for Plywood Specifications.



EU Timber Regulation: A briefing note for Traders
With the application of the EU Timber Regulation into UK Law from 3rd March 2013, one of the areas that the TTF have been getting enquiries about is to clarify the position of “Traders” within the context of the law. This briefing note aims to provide clarification on a range of issues related to Traders, as defined by the EU Timber Regulation.

This Guide gives practical guidance for members on how they may organise their pre-contract  responsibilities under the EU Timber Regulation including the use of a clause for incorporating in TTF contracts to provide additional protection.  

 EUTR Update - Are you Ready? (Jan 2013)

With the EU Timber Regulation now just under eight weeks away, this note provides members with;

• a brief summary of the key aspects of the EUTR; 
• an update on recent EUTR developments including thoughts on enforcement; and 
• an update on the TTF’s own Due Diligence System, the Responsible Purchasing Policy. 

EUTR Update - July 2012
With the publication of the Implementing Regulation, which provided the final legislative piece of the Jigsaw, This Guide looks at the following issues;

• Timing and Frequency of Due Diligence ; 
• Information on Operator's Supply;
• Risk Assessment and Mitigation
Carbon briefing Note Oct 2011

The first of a series of TTF Briefs on subjects that currently (and will continue) to feature on the TTF’s agenda. This one is on the Carbon Agenda.

EUTR Update Oct 11

This briefing note provides a TTF perspective on the key issues emerging from the development of the EU Timber Regulation.

Guide to Legaliy Verification - March 2011
This guide explains the various schemes and programmes that offer timber legality verification and certification and how they relate to the EU's Illegal Timber Regulation
RPP Services Guide - A Helping Hand From the TTF
This Guide highlights the wide array of support services provided by the TTF to give members a helping hand to smooth the implementation of the RPP.
Buying Timber Responsibly Guide
This Guide highlights the steps that can be taken to ensure that timber is bought responsibly, including details of the availability of certified and legally verified timber for various product groups.
CSR Guide - 3/11/09
This Guide on Corporate Social Responsibility outlines the growing importance of CSR in the corporate world and explains its relevance to the timber industry with details of the action TTF members can take and the various CSR reporting tools and standards which members can use.  
Chain of Custody Guide
This Guide gives an introductory explanation on what Chain of Custody is and the basic requirements for implementing a Chain of Custody procedure for a timber importer and/or manufacturer.
Guide to Timber Species
Sometimes it's important to know the botanical name and geographical origin of timber species imported to the UK. The TTF has therefore published a companion Guide to CITES, on the Timber Species Imported Into the UK which gives this information. 
Guide to CITES

TTF has created a guide to The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, more commonly known as CITES, which aims to protect certain plants and animals by regulating and monitoring their international trade to prevent it reaching unsustainable levels.